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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fire Stations & River Road Changes....

With growth comes the need for more growth and east Carmel's fire station 44 is scheduled to be rebuilt over the next 16 months to accommodate all of that growth. Space and functional living areas are the key issue to keep the 46033 served well for years to come through station 44. The new building will be two story and have a retro feel that will fit well with much of Carmel's new construction. While the build takes place temporary quarters will be across the street in cooperation with CCS. I have volunteered my airstream to CFD for this time period but have not heard if my services will be needed. In seriousness...this is a much needed upgrade. We have one of the best fire departments in America serving us and this will allow them continued great effort on our behalf. 

With the development of the corner of 146th/River Road, River Road itself will be seeing upgrades as well. In the short haul River from Tall Timber in Moffit Farm to Community Drive will change it into a parkway like the section just north of Main Street. This will begin shortly with utility relocation and should conclude over the Summer (fingers crossed). The biggest part will take place after school is out for the safety of Prairie Trace families. This is a necessary upgrade with the outlots being marketed and new commercial projects now opening (Rickers, dry cleaners, etc). Oh...and for the accommodation of thousands of bike trips that will take place up River Road this Summer from students in pursuit of the perfect slushie at Rickers. 

Thank you North East city council representative Sue Finkam for all of the help and great service in this area of our city on this project! 
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Monday, March 9, 2015

The Market Is Here....

Every year about this time the 'for sale' signs start to bloom almost as thick as the hostas in Carmel. Every year we offer up the opportunity for you to know instantly what's happening in your neighborhood. It's very simple. You tell us whether it's your neighborhood or one you're interested in and we set you up on an automated email that will tell you exactly what's happening. New listings, pending sales...all of it. You can get these once a day or once a month or on any time line in between. Here's the best part. You never have to talk to me on the phone (half kidding here). If you're interested just drop the neighborhood name to me at and have immediate access to home sales in Carmel or across the state.
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Is Your Carmel Home For Sale? Very Soon Will Be? Do This NOW....

Such a shame that this glorious pile of winter pus will soon be a distant memory. That's good news for home sellers with the weather forecast for next week. It's also a hint as to what they should be in getting ready. Those of you who know me have heard the phrase 'jump the season' meaning be the first to get on to the next season of the year. Want to look like the most prepared seller in the city as they white stuff melts over the next few days? Then jump the season. Call TODAY and get mulch ordered for next week. Don't think about it just DO IT. You will look fresh, prepared and looking ahead in a positive way to Spring where your competition will look tired and burnt from the harsh winter. Sundown gardens told me they're about 10 days out on pansies. Be the first one there once their shipment arrives. Get fresh flowers out with mulch and create a first impression that virtually no one else will have and watch the people come knocking. Oh....and get FRESH pictures up online the minute you spread the mulch and plant the flowers. The dollars in your pocket could depend on it!
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